New vaping laws in the new year

Legislation is being progressed to regulate the sale of vaping and e-cigarette products, a meeting of Cavan Joint Policing Committee was told on Friday last.

Senator Diarmuid Wilson explained to the meeting held in the council chamber that “legislation is at an advanced stage", and that it was due to be in force from the first quarter of 2023.

The Fianna Fáil stalwart added that the new laws would specify the types of retailers selling e-cigarette and vaping products, which Senator Wilson predicted would “result in a massive reduction of these outlets”. He added the legislation would bring in restrictions for advertising for these products “near schools, playgrounds or on public transport”.

The matter had been raised by Cllr Carmel Brady at the September meeting, who was grateful for the update and welcomed the developments.

She said schools are “under tremendous pressure” in trying to deter pupils from using them. Because they are small and not lit, they can be easily concealed up their sleeves.

“They can buy them as young as five or six, you see them go around,” she claimed.