Lubo Kosturik of the Percy French Cocktail Lounge.

Bringing a cocktail revolution to People’s

A restaurant and cocktail lounge is on a mission to create a “cocktail revolution” with fantastic cocktails in their beautiful premises.

If you want the perfect mix of good food and service with exotic drinks in a vibrant setting, then look no further than the Percy French Cocktail Lounge by People’s!

Located in the heart of Cavan Town, the Percy French cocktail bar is celebrating its first year in business this December.

“It’s our one year anniversary,” details the owner, Lubo. “We opened after the pandemic. We took the bar over and we are trying to make a real cocktail bar with real cocktails made from scratch.”

The high levels of mixology knowledge among the staff in the Percy French allow them to offer a unique cocktail experience.

“We have a very good mixologist, he’s our head cocktail maker, Jacob Mrozinski,” continues Lubo.

Since opening, the bar has been focused on three key senses to captivate their customers.

“When you’re drinking cocktails the most important thing is the visual, it has to look nice, then the fragrance, and then the taste.”

The cocktails are created using fresh and sustainable products.

“We use everything. From a lime, we use the skins, we use the insides, we use the juice, we cook syrups from it. Every part of it is used.

“What we are most proud about is the syrups, they’re homemade. We also make our own fragrances and sprays. It’s not premade in a bottle, everything is from scratch,” Lubo proudly reveals.

Different menu themes are generated every three months, allowing the staff to express their own creativity and increase ther appeal of customers.

“The theme of the menu at the moment is “around the world” so we have Singapore Slings, which is probably our signature cocktail at the moment.

“We are all professionals in the cocktail industry and we are trying to bring something special to Cavan Town. We are trying to change people’s habits so not to just drink fruity cocktails but to try something else as well.”

Customers who are interested in dropping in for a cocktail, can also enjoy delicious food served by People’s Restaurant, also owned by Lubo.

“People’s Restaurant is bold in flavours, so it’s very rich. We would call it a modern Irish restaurant because the produce is local. We do everything. We have loads of combinations of modern food with fusions of nearly everything.”

Simply book a table through their website at, or visit their premises on Main Street, Cavan.

They are also taking bookings for Christmas party nights, nights out, with gift vouchers also an ideal gift this Christmas.