Crossword 9207 by Arahoden

Check out our latest crossword by our mystery compiler Arahoden. As usual, you can expect some Cavan twists. Print it out, complete it and enter our competition to win a coveted Anglo-Celt pen (details below).



1. Village uncovered in Killesher cockfight (8)

5. Bold ______ Brady the Bard of Armagh (6)

9. Inca tool used to make workplace for filming (8)

10. Distressing and sad (6)

11. West Cavan Electoral District covered by Widow's Bar duets (5)

12. Patron for ladies' football in Kill and Drung (2,7)

14. Twenty-five card game maybe advancing in severity (11)

18. Wind farm near Bailieborough changes antenna gear (11)

21. EEC neatly produces gas for welding (9)

23. Canine restraint found in Corlea shed (5)

24. Bee House (6)

25. Petrol in America (8)

26. Nonetheless sovereign loses rig (4,2)

27. South Australian capital row in Bailieborough (8)


1. Community players in 1 across (6)

2. Former Portuguese currency (6)

3. Split metal fastener (6,3)

4. Annoyed sitting room for Stradone hostelry (5,6)

6. Wading bird found in Killynaher once (5)

7. Wooden dwelling in Kilcorby (3,5)

8. Family run business in Cavan since 1860 (8)

13. Come down to earth behind fire chamber in Swanlinbar (11)

15. Cleaning abrasive from woven metal fibres (5,4)

16. Woodford Bridge destroyed in 1972 (8)

17. Centre for shopping in Enniskillen (8)

19. Sesame paste found in Utah initially (6)

20. Dairy food handmade in Corleggy (6)

22. Twisted fibres for tall stories (5)

To enter: Print out the crossword, complete it and post your entry to The Anglo-Celt, Crossword Competition, Kilmore Business Park, Dublin Road, Cavan, to be in with a chance of winning one of our coveted Anglo-Celt pens and for the glory, of course.

Please remember to put the volume number of your entry on the outside of your submission.