'Ireland is full' say protestors in Cootehill

A protest organised to raise concerns about immigration in Cavan was held this afternoon in Cootehill.

The peaceful protest, which passed by without incident, was attended by approximately 60 people and was organised by the ‘Cavan Says No’ group who in a recent an open letter to Cavan County Council describes themselves as representatives of “a network of County Cavan residents who are concerned about the influx of illegal immigration into this country and how it is currently being handled”.

The letter also spoke of their main concern at a “worrying trend of hoteliers, companies and individuals who have signed contracts with the government and county councils to house illegal immigrants on an industrial scale".

The event began at outside the Pig Market area of the town at 2pm and made its way to the property formerly known as the White Horse Hotel. Unconfirmed rumours have been circulating that the property is set to house refugees in the near future.

Those participating in the protest were chanting “Ireland is full”.

Busy weekend ahead!!! After attending the peaceful protest in Cootehill tomorrow please, if you can, attend Carrickmacross on Sunday and stand in solidarity with a town that is going through the same.

Posted by Cavan Says No onFriday, 17 February 2023

Outside the hotel the organisers spoke of their concern over the pending arrival of refugees who could potentially pose a threat to the safety of the town as well as their frustration with elected representatives.

Addressing the crowd with a megaphone one woman said “there are rumours circulating that 80-100 men of fighting age will be held in this building. Attempts to contact local politicians have been stonewalled, no information has been forthcoming about the type of people who live here.

"The people of Cootehill feel we have no recourse but to get out on the streets. We feel it’s a totally unacceptable response from local representatives who we voted for.”

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