Ulster Bank urges customers to take action on Credit Cards

Ulster Bank Personal Credit Cards will No Longer Work from or after 22 March 2023

Ulster Bank is urging personal credit card customers to act now if they have not yet begun the process of moving their credit card account to a new provider.

In September 2022, Ulster Bank wrote to all personal credit card holders providing them with six months’ notice to choose an alternative provider, if required, and close their Ulster Bank credit card. It has since issued a number of reminders to these customers as well as reaching out to those who may have more difficulty paying off their balance.

Ulster Bank credit cards will no longer work from 22 March 2023 or shortly thereafter. At that point, customers will not be able to use their credit cards and any recurring transactions set up on a customer’s credit card will be cancelled and returned unpaid.

For those customers who have yet to make the move, they are being urged to choose an alternative provider if required; move their recurring transactions; pay the outstanding balance ensuring there is sufficient funds to cover the Government Stamp Duty and Close their Ulster Bank credit card.

Ulster Bank has also been proactively contacting customers who may have difficulty repaying their full balance and who would benefit from early and direct engagement before their card no longer works on 22 March 2023. This includes offering support on a case-by-case basis for individual repayment plans.

Customers who have not paid their balance in full by 22 March 2023, should continue to make repayments each month on any remaining balance in line with the terms and conditions of their credit card agreement to avoid missing a payment and going into arrears.

Ulster Bank branches will cease transactional services other than transactions to support with account closure requests on 31 March 2023, and on 21 April 2023, all Ulster Bank Branches in the Republic of Ireland will permanently close.