Cllrs demand more money to fix roads

The €17.5 million funding allocation to Cavan roads was met with disgust in Cavan Council Chamber this week, despite a six percent increase.

Councillors deemed that, while it may “look good on paper”, it will fall €1.3 million short of demand.

The issue was raised jointly by Councillors Clifford Kelly and Sarah O’Reilly at a council meeting on Monday.

While the increase received positive reactions among the public, both councillors highlighted how the figure does not take into account recent inflation costs.

As a result, proposed works on multiple roads will be shortened by kilometre measurements, while works on other roads will be delayed until next year.

Fianna Fáil Councillor, Clifford Kelly lamented that, if this issue continues into future years, “Cavan will go back to being the pothole county”.

Aontú Councillor Sarah O’Reilly was equally frustrated by the issue.

“It’s absolutely shameful. Inflation is up 50 percent.

“We received €17.5M for local and regional roads. In 2009 we received €18.2M.Last year, roads were dropped. This year works are being shortened or removed and there’s no mention of them being put back on next year.”

Cllr O’Reilly believes the government is not investing enough money in infrastructure such as roads to support industries.

“The Cootehill road is pounded by Lakeland lorries every day. The sides are falling down of it.”

She also revealed that she had received a call from someone who was looking to completely close a road due to its poor quality. However, she stated it was not in bad enough condition for the council to fix it.

“It’s needed now and not five or six years down the road,” said Cllr O’Reilly.

She also expressed her frustration at the government giving funding to projects she deemed were less important than the roads.

Her belief is that the roads are more important than “cutting a ribbon” at other opportunities.

“You can’t cut a ribbon on a road, there’s no glory in it.”

* For detailed breakdown of the road projects scheduled for completion in each of County Cavan's three municipal districts, see next week's print edition.