Aishling Sheridan

Fundamentals weren’t “up to scratch” - Sheridan

DISAPPOINTMENT Cavan heavily defeated by three in a row chasing Armagh

After suffering a heavy defeat to Armagh on Sunday, Cavan Ladies footballer Aishling Sheridan spoke of her disappointment.

“It’s a very disappointing result,” the AFLW star with Collingwood told The Anglo-Celt. “Armagh were definitely the better team. I think we still had more in the tank, I don’t know would it have been good enough to beat Armagh. I think we just got a few things wrong today and it just really cost us.

“We missed a few chances in the first half, especially when Armagh had their confidence up. We then ended up getting the ball down in our forward line but just didn’t execute.

“Again I think our fundamentals, maybe our shooting our hand passing, the kick pass and that, just wasn’t up to scratch today and it really cost us.”


Armagh are a side in the middle of a very positive run the Mullahoran native pointed out.

“They’re coming off a Division two league win and they’re going for three from three for the Ulster championship. They’ve been playing together for a while.

“We obviously have a lot of new players in this year after losing a lot of experience last year. I really do think we’re trying to find our feet this year and maybe it’s just going to take a few games like that to find our feet.

“After losing that experience the likes of myself, my sister Geraldine and Neasa, we really have to try to step up to be the experienced players but I think it’s just going to take a bit of time.”

Charging rule

A bone of contention with all involved in the LGFA is players in possession more often than not being called for charging as they try to take on their direct opponent.

“If you watch it you’ll see sometimes where the person defending the ball puts themselves in that place knowing they’ll get the free. It happened me today where I literally just got the ball and I turned and straight away I was met by a player and I got done for charging even tough I hadn’t seen anyone behind me.

“I’d love to look back on that footage and just see it again. It’s very hit and miss, the charging rule.

“Definitely there are times when people are charging, don’t get me wrong, but I think the defending player has the chance to move as well so I really think that rule needs to be looked at again.”