Deputy Niamh Smyth at the junction in question in Bailieborough.

'An accident waiting to happen' - Smyth

Concerns about the junction at the top of Bailiborough’s Main Street are being expressed. Local Fianna Fáil TD Niamh Smyth says it has become a real bottleneck for motorists due to increased traffic flow.

The junction is the meeting point for traffic using Main Street, Kingscourt Road, Virginia Road with the Kells Road branching off it and Institute Road.

“Despite engagements and correspondence with the NTA [National Transport Authority] over the past two years, the desire and speed required to remedy the problem is not near urgent enough. I have received numerous representations and ideas to resolve the problem through my office, but a piecemeal approach is not the solution. A proper management plan is required urgently to prevent an accident that is waiting to happen. I thank motorists and pedestrians alike for their care and patience in coping with this problem and preventing an inevitable serious accident,” she told the Celt.

Deputy Smyth is hopeful the issue can finally be addressed as part of the ongoing Town Regeneration Scheme.

“This hostile junction is a nightmare for all drivers coming into or leaving Bailieborough. It is inherently dangerous and the welfare and safety of all motorists and pedestrians using the top of the town must be safeguarded. The time for procrastination is over and urgent action is required to replace the bottleneck with a safe and free flowing traffic management plan that serves all users well.”