Drugs awareness event to be held in Cavan

The Family Addiction Support Network to host a Shared Learning & Networking Event for Cavan & Monaghan on Wednesday, May 31 from 10 am until 1.15pm in the Kilmore Hotel, Dublin Road, Killygarry, Cavan, H12 F6Y7.

The aim of the event is to create awareness of addiction family support services FASN provides across Cavan & Monaghan for family members who have loved one’s experiencing addiction & substance misuse issues.

The event coincides with the employment of the new FASN Family Support Worker for Cavan & Monaghan.

“Battling a substance use disorder to alcohol or drugs is viewed by many as a personal experience. Because harmful substances have devastating effects on the user, many may not take into consideration the other people involved. Spouses, children, parents, and other loved ones will all be impacted by the way addiction affects the family.” Gwen McKenna, FASN Family Support Specialist outlines.

“The effects of drug or alcohol misuse and addiction can cause once peaceful, loving homes to become divided by the strain. Conflict becomes normal, trust is eroded and communication becomes very difficult.

Family members may witness their loved one’s behaviour and appearance change until they become unrecognisable. Family members often feel like powerless bystanders as they watch their loved ones’ lives fall apart. This can cause family members themselves to endure severe trauma and develop unhealthy coping mechanisms in response to what feels like a helpless situation to be in” Gwen added.

Guest speakers on the day will include Senator Frances Black of the Rise Foundation who will speak about the Rise Program – a 10-week family program that has been developed to create awareness and educate families with loved ones in addiction.

Ed Sipler, Health Development Specialist at South Eastern Trust will make a presentation on the ‘Steps To Cope for Young People’ – a program that supports young people affected by parental substance misuse and mental health issues.

Darren Butler, Co-Ordinator of the Irish Bishops Drugs Initiative will make a presentation about his ongoing work raising awareness in schools.

Siobhan Maher, Co-Ordinator of Drug Related Intimidation & Violence Engagement (DRIVE) will make a presentation that will include information about the Drug Related Reporting Programme.

There will also be family members on the day who will relay their own experience of engaging with the Family Addiction Support Network’s support services and will outline how that support has impacted and changed their lives.

If you wish to attend the conference please email tar.le.cheile.fasn@gmail.com

Refreshments and lunch will be provided.

FASN Helpline: 0429355251 / 0879046405