HSE commences programme of action on climate change

The HSE has launched its Climate Action Strategy 2023-2050. This health service-wide strategy aims to reduce the negative climate impacts of our health service, achieve net-zero emissions for the HSE by 2050, and deliver healthcare that is environmentally and socially sustainable.

The HSE actions will be focused on 10 areas which are:

1. Reducing our energy-related greenhouse gas emissions

2. Developing green spaces

3. Decarbonising our fleet of vehicles

4. Promoting low carbon and active travel

5. Aligning our purchasing of goods and services with decarbonisation and sustainability goals

6. Baselining our supply chain emissions

7. Developing greener models of healthcare delivery

8. Reducing and managing waste

9. Conserving and reducing water use

10. Protecting people’s health and wellbeing.

The healthcare sector accounts for an estimated 5% of total emissions globally.

Dean Sullivan, HSE Chief Strategy Officer, said “This programme of work responds to and supports the Government’s Climate Action plans and provides actions and targets to reduce the environmental and social impact of the delivery of healthcare in Ireland. Our health service will be showing leadership and commitment to sustainable actions and principles across areas such as buildings, green space development, transport, greener models for health care, procurement and more.”

Globally, healthcare is a key contributor in fuelling climate harm due to our need for high-energy intensive buildings, transportation footprint of employees and patients, global supply chain emissions including supplies, pharmaceuticals, devices, and food, the uses of single-use goods and more.”