Finbarr Kenny, senior resident engineer, RPS; Hugh Cunniffe, resident engineer, RPS; Cllr Philip Brady; Cathaoirleach of Cavan County Council, Cllr John Paul Feeley; Paddy Connaughton, director of services, Cavan County Council; Finian Coleman, executive engineer, Road Design, Cavan County Council; Richard Scott, project manager, Clare Civil Engineering, pictured surveying progress on the N55 Corduff to South of Killydoon Section B scheme.PHOTO: Vera Farrelly

Killydoon bypass to be delivered on time and on budget

The next phase of the N55 realignment scheme is set to finish on time and within budget.

Section B from Corduff to south of Killydoon - or the Killydoon bypass - is a new 3.7km section of road. It is set to be finished by December 2024, and has a projected delivery cost of €30 million, according to Finian Coleman, executive engineer, Road Design, Cavan County Council.

He said the scheme is carrying out vital work on the realignment of one of the busiest roads in the region.

“It takes 5,000 motorists a day, it’s a lot of traffic that uses the route. It’s not just of local importance but it’s regionally significant.

“It’s the last rural part of N55 that required improvement between the Longford county boundary and Cavan Town. The new alignment is to a modern design standard and will be much safer for motorists.”

Clare Civil Engineering Ltd are undertaking the works.

The new route involves three single-span bridges over the River Erne, as well as culvert crossings to accommodate existing watercourses, surface and sub‐surface drainage including storm attenuation, petrol interceptors and outfalls.

New road signage and road markings, as well as other ancillary works such as walls, boundary treatments, ducting and utility diversions are also being installed.

Ballinagh traffic relief

Mr Coleman also said that it marks one of the final improvements to be made to the road within County Cavan.

“Once we get this finished, within Cavan, the whole N55 will have been improved, with the exception of the area around Ballinagh town itself. In Ballinagh, we are in the early stages of planning and designing a traffic relief scheme.”

Cathaoirleach of Cavan County Council Philip Brady welcomed the scheme and said it will vastly improve road travel and safety in the area.

“The road will hugely benefit the area. There have been numerous accidents here because there are lots of bad bends so it will take out a lot of the bad parts of the road. It’s one of the worst roads from Athlone to Cavan. There has been a lot done and the workers are progressing well. It will make the road from the midlands to Cavan very good and will eliminate a lot of the dangerous sections and make it safer for everyone,” he remarked.

The new section of road will tie into section A, which was completed in 2018 at Ballytrust.