A change in trade at Cronin's

Cronins pub has been open since 1980, which owner Andrew remembers as a “hugely” different time to what it is now.

He said the influence of Covid 19 has had a massive influence on the pub trade.

“The business in general has changed and it was grand until Covid came,” says ‘Andy’, as he’s known locally.

Lockdowns changed people’s habits around socialising, he explains.

Andy’s wife, Anna Mai believes that the social aspect of having a casual drink out with friends is gone within a certain age bracket.

Younger people she says aren’t as keen.

“It’s much quieter,” agrees Andy, who says he use to open his door “all day, every day”.

Now the pub opens in the evenings.

“The day business up until 6 o’clock used to be just busy as the night business,” he reflects.

Businesses closing down in the town have also had an effect on the pub trade by and large.

“You had a lot of people using the village,” he said, adding that "every closed shop is a loss to a village.”

Despite this Andy is committed.

He says will continue to keep the doors of his family business open for those who wish to pass through them. On the other side will be the same friendly welcome as there alwasy has been, 40 plus years and counting.

Andy loves to see people coming in, young and old, who are guaranteed a nice cool pint and a good chat.

Cronin’s bar on Main Street, Ballinagh is open every evening at 5pm.