Christopher Maguire, Thomas Reilly and Thomas Lynch.

A wheelie big journey for charity

All roads lead to Cork for three young Cavan men and their wheelie bin.

Christopher Maguire, Thomas Lynch and Thomas Reilly are heading back on the road for their second annual fundraising adventure in aid of a local cancer charity.

Having completed a successful, and eventful, canoeing trip from Cavan to Galway last year, the trio decided to take this year's trip on foot, carrying their luggage in a wheelie bin donated by Wilton Waste.

Speaking about the upcoming venture, Thomas Reilly stated: “We're doing another one because we love doing them together. There’s no nerves, we love doing this.

“To be honest, if we got a bit soppy about it, we all enjoy each other's company, we’re a bit like the top gear trio. We’re all very excited. When it comes to walking and putting ourselves through misery, this is our game.“

The group came up with the idea of travelling to Cork back in 2018.

“We’ve all known each other for eight to 10 years and, back in 2018, we did a walk to Athlone, not for charity just for ourselves. We walked there from the Tank Bar to the Athlone train station in 22 hours but we were originally going to walk to Cork but that got cancelled so it was one that was in the ideas' tank so that's why we picked it. This time it’s Cavan to Cork with a wheelie bin.”

The addition of the wheelie bin adds an even more confusing element to the group's venture.

“One day our gas cylinder ran out at the house and we had no car. It would be heavy to carry back,” says Thomas, outlining the origin of the idea.

“So, I had a brainwave idea and said we should empty out the wheelie bin, put the gas cylinder in the wheelie bin and then just walk it back. Then, when we decided to do this walk, I said 'let’s bring a wheelie bin so we can put all our gear in it!' and, as well to be honest, it’s just a bit different. It’s a bit of a funny twist on it."

Last year, the group raised almost €3,000 for Cuan Cancer Support. This year they are making the journey in aid of Cavan Monaghan Palliative Care.

“It’s a good cause to help people and I know it helps vulnerable and elderly people so it’s just a nice thing to make people’s lives that are hard a bit easier,” continued the Denn native.

The lads will depart from Blacklion on their journey on August 19.

The trio will then make their way to Churchtown, Mallow and then on to Cork.

“I have it all mapped. We planned it out and it will take 10 to 12 days - 10 days if we really push ourselves... We’re going to get a really nice hotel in Cork when we're done and sleep in nice beds.”

If you’re interested in donating to the worthy cause, simply visit: or search Bin Walk from Cavan to Cork.