Agne Daugale with her award.

Agne made up by her awards

A popular Kingscourt beautician and make-up artist, who enjoys helping cancer patients, has received two awards during the World's PMU Championship Ireland.

Body and Beauty Clinic specialises in offering semi-permanent makeup treatments including lip blushing, powder brows and more.

Speaking about her company's success, Agne Daugale described the experience as “amazing”.

Her company scooped second place in the lip blushing category and third in powder brows.

“I was looking for direction,” Agne said, explaining her interest in competing.

“I wanted to know if my work was up to standard because we all have our own taste... What is pretty to me, might not necessarily be pretty to you.

“Putting my work in front of judges actually made me push myself and also gave me some sort of answer that my job is good and, if it wasn't, what did I have to improve? It really made me push myself that extra mile.”

Agne was invited to present her lip technique at the event due to her vast experience in the field.

“They had a lot of speakers from all over the world who demonstrated their own techniques and explained what they are doing and why, because everyone kind of has their own ways."

The clinic was established in 2018 and offers a variety of treatments and training courses, however Agne’s main passion is semi-permanent make-up.

“When I first saw this, it was years ago and I was 15 years of age and I actually fell in love with semi-permanent make-up. Then everything got a lot more advanced and, when the new techniques came out, I knew then, that’s exactly what I wanted to do.”

Agne loves that her work helps boost the confidence of women of all ages.

“Women who don’t have eyebrows and are embarrassed can just go and get this done and get their confidence back. I just like helping out people in general and especially people who have alopecia or cancer survivors that have lost all their hair, or people who have been diagnosed and are going in for their treatment.”

The mother of two explained that cancer patients commonly request her expertise.

“We actually have a good few of those people who just got diagnosed and they know they will be going through chemo, which means they are going to lose the hair on their brows.

“They are coming in before the treatment has started and they do get the treatment done. Then they lose the hair on their scalps which, they can replace with wigs, but their eyebrows are still there. Even though they are still sick, they feel and look healthier.”

While the Body and Beauty Clinic has enjoyed great success so far, Agne has no intention of slowing down with her sights set on expanding her already successful semi-permanent makeup training academy.

“I want to bring in more treatments to train and to have a bigger academy with more trainers so I can have bigger classes.”