Cabra Castle by night

A ‘magical’ fairytale castle on your doorstep - visit Cabra Castle

Get lost in the maze of Cabra Castle’s’beauty with a new addition of The Granary.

Nestled amongst the rolling hills of the tranquil Kingscourt countryside, let the historic castle enchant your wedding, weekend getaway, walk or dining. The entire experience from travelling up the quiet country lane to entering the 18th century castle doors transports you back in time.

Stepping inside, guests are greeted by the warm, cosy glow coming from the hearth and the friendliness of the four-star castle hotel’s staff. As visitors come and go, they don’t know where to cast their eyes, plush furnishing, torches, suits of armour and paintings are situated in each nook and cranny of the castle; a haven for history.

The lobby and adjoining restaurant area is filled with laughter, first time greetings, hushed conversations with friends chatting over coffee and families with children, giddy that their dream of living in a fairytale castle has come true; even if it is just for a few days.

Hailing from Poland, sales manager Aga Baker described how the award-winning Cabra Castle is a “dream come true” for tourists and locals alike.

“Every room is completely differently designed, it’s nothing like a corporate hotel where everything is the same,” she said.

Roaming around the corridors reveals rolling staircases leading to picturesque rooms. The Golden Room is a particular favourite of Aga’s with its golden mirrors, candelabras, crystal chandeliers and marble fireplace - the perfect relaxation space. The castle walls are home to historic photographs and a portrait of the hotel’s beloved Irish wolfhounds; Oscar and Clodagh who feature in many wedding photographs.

In the hotel for just over a year, Aga said she “absolutely loved” the grounds when she set foot on them for the first time.

“I didn’t know what to put my eyes on first,” she remembered.

A tour of the castle reveals gardens galore, the courtyard home to 105 rooms and The Granary, an addition that opened just last month.

Set in a scenic hilltop location, each angle of the luxurious function room reveals a different view for guests to marvel upon - the lush green countryside, a stunning water feature, and the remarkable greystone castle. Inside cleaning staff are scrubbing, meticulously preparing for the next function.

The versatile space hosts weddings, confirmations, communions, birthday parties - every event you could possibly think of.

Asked about her colleagues, Aga said two words: “Absolutely wonderful!”

“They are very welcoming and accommodating,” she added.

Having managed several hotels in Australia, Aga’s first impression upon starting at Cabra was the warmth of the staff, most of whom are local to the area.

“They know what good customer service is and they deliver this,” she said.

“It really is world class,” she added.

While Aga loves all aspects of the castle, her favourite sight is the view of the castle darkness, when it is illuminated beneath white fluorescent lights, the moon and the stars.

“It is just spectacular, at night time; it is really magical,” she said.