Mullagh parapowerlifting teen wins big at Dubai comp

Mullagh parapowerlifting teen wins big at Dubai comp

The young athlete lifted a whopping 74kg.

A Mullagh teenager has secured two gold medals at the The 2023 World Para Powerlifting Championships

Casey Fitzgerald, a new name in the parapowerlifing industry, took the competition by storm this afternoon having secured first place in two categories - the first in her weight category in New Generation, as well as first place in the overall weight category.

The young athlete lifted a whopping 74kg.

Speaking to the Celt by text message following her win, Casey said she was feeling “very happy and proud.

“It was tough but I’ll improve every time” she beamed.

The young woman with cerebral palsy earned her spot on the Irish Paralympic team last July, having secured two gold, a silver and a bronze medal at a recent competition in Waterford where she beat her own personal record by lifting a whopping 75kg.

“I was very, very happy,” says Casey when she made the team. “I never doubted that I’d get onto it. I was always saying to my mam - ‘I’m going to get on this team, I know I am’.

“It gives me something to do now that I’m finished school instead of sitting at home and it’s something that I genuinely enjoy doing. I will be travelling to countries that I’ve never been to before and I might get to meet some interesting people on the way.”

Casey also completed her Leaving Certificate this year, and is awaiting her results on Friday.

Attention has now turned to well known parapowerlifter Britney Arendse who is set to take to the stage Sunday the 27th at 7am GMT.

Casey and Britney make up two of the seven parapowerlifting team who travelled to Dubai to compete.