Joyce Trenier got a fabulous 613 points in her Leaving cert and is set to study Veterinary Science.

Excellent Leaving results at St Bricin’s College

One student achieved a remarkable 613 points

The atmosphere was happy in St Bricin’s College this morning when smiling students received their Leaving Certificate Results. All students who took Higher Maths passed with a number obtaining A2s.

Joyce Trenier, from Parisee, Cloverhill was thrilled to uphold the family tradition at St Bricin’s College by achieving an incredible 613 points in her Leaving Certificate. Joyce will now pursue Veterinary in UCD. Two of Joyce's siblings achieved the maximum Leaving Certificate points possible when studying at St Bricin’s.

Impressive Leaving Certificate Results at St Bricin’s College in BelturbetSchoolDylan O’Brien, Redhills hopes to do Secondary Teaching; Robyn Gibson, Belturbet delighted with her very good results and has ambitions to pursue Theatre studies; Chloe Rowen, Belturbet happy with results and now intends to Study Forensics; Aagnika Varma, Belturbet and now wishes to Study Product Design at Maynooth or Galway; Sean Hegarty, Milltown and now hopes to pursue his Studies in some field of Engineering; Niamh Fay, Belturbet now hopes to pursue her studies in Art in Dublin; Joyce Trenier, Parisee, Cloverhill, obtained an amazing 613 points in the Leaving Certificate Exam and now will pursue Veterinary in UCD in Dublin; Alysa Bogue, Belturbet, and hopes to pursue Writing and Literature in the AT University in Sligo; Sinead Kelly, Belturbet was really happy with results and now wishes to become a SNA; Dziugas Vaitkevicius, and is considering Languages and Linguistics and Callum O’Brien, and has Film and Documentary Studies on his radar in Galway.

Principal of the Belturbet school, Jody O’Gallchóir, told The Anglo-Celt they were delighted with the results, describing them as “phenomenal”. He was particularly pleased by the results for higher level maths.

"The College is thriving and the results are testament to how well the College is doing,” said the principal.

“We have students who obtained over 600 points and three who are comfortably over the 500 mark. The remainder got over 400 points and over 300 points respectively.

“We are really proud of all the students and their achievements, remembering that they had never sat a State Exam before. They have fulfilled their potential and they had the backing of the staff here throughout the difficult years of Covid. All the students were an absolute pleasure to teach in class,” he said.