A view of the land at Annagharnet

Residential farms to go under the hammer

Two attractive residential farms are set to go under the hammer next month.

A small farming holding that includes 22 acres of land, a three-bed bungalow, and several sheds at Annagharnet, Virginia, will be sold by auction in the Lakeside Manor on October 20 at 2pm. The property can be sold in three lots, with lot one consisting of the bungalow, sheds and 16 acres; lot 2 comprising 6.71 acres or lot 3 including the entire property.

Auctioneer Martin Shortt says that the house is in very good condition: “It’s a tidy, small holding. The house has been completely redone, it has everything in it, right down to shutters on the windows. The house is in show house condition, there is nothing else that could be done with it, all you need to do is turn the key walk in, and hang your hat up.”

He also says that the property is most attractive for local farmers: “It contains a range of sheds, including a hay shed, and a small slatted shed, which have been kept neat and tidy. There is also planning permission to erect a new slatted shed. The land is very good land, with a portion of it being reseeded recently. Access is gained to it by an avenue, on which there is a site if someone wants to build a house. It’s also well-fenced, with water in all of the fields and its own little vegetable patch. It’s ideal for local farmers if they want to expand their current holding, or if they are looking for more land to meet new environmental rules,” outlined Mr Shortt.

With a guide price of between €450,000-€500,000, the auctioneers considers the property great value for money.

“We sold a three-bed semi-detached in Dublin recently for €723,000. The difference in value between the two is huge, especially when the land is factored into it. It was previously used for grazing. It would be ideal for someone who is working in Dublin but wants to do a bit of farming on the side. It’s also ideal for someone who is a hobby farmer who keeps a few horses and is traveling a distance to it,” said Mr Shortt.

Separately a substantial 47-acre farm with a two-storey farmhouse, sheds, and outbuildings is on the market at Tullyegan, Mountnugent, with the same auctioneer.

The property can be sold in one or more lots. Lot 1 includes the four-bedroom farmhouse and one acre; lot 2 consists of 46.5 acres, while lot 3 comprises the entire property.

Mr Shortt said, despite the property needing some upgrading, it remains an attractive proposition: “It’s a fine farm. The house, which is in need of renovation, was lived in up until a few years ago but it qualifies for vacant property refurbishment grants. The land has a big river boundary and is suitable for any type of farming. It also contains road frontage where a house could be built and there is a range of sheds and out offices.”

The auctioneer is confident it will attract a range of buyers.

“It has a guide price of €650,000-€700,000 making it ideal for dairy farmers, many of whom have to get rid of cattle or get more land, so it would be an ideal place to rear replacement stock.”

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