Lit fireworks thrown into shop and bus in Belfast

By Claudia Savage, PA

Two “reckless acts” involving fireworks have been reported in Belfast.

A fire was reported at a retail site in the Stewartstown Road area after 9pm on Monday.

Initial reports to police said a teenage boy threw a lit firework into the shop which ignited under the till causing damage to stock and electrical equipment.

None of the staff who were present reported any serious injuries, but they have been left badly shaken.

Shortly after this incident police were called after a lit firework was thrown through the door of a Glider bus, also in the Stewartstown Road area.

Police said inquiries are ongoing to establish the extent of damage caused or injuries sustained as a result of the “reckless act”.

“This type of activity needs to stop and people need to understand that fireworks are made from explosive material and, if misused, can cause serious and life-changing injuries,” a PSNI spokesperson said.

“The law is also very clear regarding the use of fireworks – it is illegal to possess, sell, handle or use them if you do not hold a valid licence to do so. If you are found breaking the law, you could be fined up to £5,000.

“I would appeal to those involved in this activity to consider for a moment the community they are affecting by their behaviour, and refrain immediately from doing so.

“People have a right to live in peace and to feel safe where they live. Those who choose to engage in anti-social and disorderly behaviour are only hurting their own communities, neighbours and friends.

“We ask parents and guardians to also speak to their young people and to know where they are to prevent them from engaging in behaviour which could result in injury or a criminal record.”