Cllr Aidan Fitzpatrick.

‘No equality’ for ladies GAA slams Cllr

“They think they're doing a great job,” scathed local Fianna Fail Councillor, Aidan Fitzpatrick, after challenging the Minister of State for Sport, Thomas Byrne, and the Camogie Association to do more to suport Camogie and Ladies Gaelic Football teams.

Levelling that men's teams get “four to five times more” funding, Cllr Fitzpatrick said there was “no equality in ladies sport” and nor would there be until there was a greater degree of parity in terms of supports offered.

Having tabled a motion on the matter previously, he was responding to the contents of letter received in reply.

The Camogie Association said the organisation is “committed to ensuring high standards” and also recognise the “huge effort” by all players and the “challenges” faced.

It notes that the Government Inter County Support Scheme, administered through Sport Ireland, is worth €5.6 million across male and female codes, and that camogie counties are entitled to claim from the scheme up to €14,000 per annum to contribute towards costs.

They add that, each county, depending on the level of resources available, may spend “considerably more”.

Cllr Fitzpatrick said the unfortunate outcome of failing to fund women's sport properly was an inevitable drop off in interest. “It's getting very hard to get them to keep playing.”