These stylish, energy efficient windows were installed by Joe Rowley Windows & Doors.

Upgrade your home with new A+ rating windows

Joe Rowley Windows & Doors supply and fit uPVC and aluminium windows, doors and conservatories for commercial and residential units, along with composite doors.

All the windows supplied and fitted are highly insulated and energy efficient, achieving up to a window energy rating of A+. Our products are not only high performing with energy rating but they too are designed for ease of installation.

Our double-glazed windows have a U-value of 1.4 W/m²K, but with triple glazed you can reach as low as 0.8 W/m²K.

There are many benefits to installing energy efficient windows on your home:

· Save money on heating

· Increase value of your home

· Increases comfort of your home

· Energy efficiency is better for the environment

Joe Rowley Windows & Doors use Vista Therm Elite A-Rated units supplied by Carey’s Glass Ireland to maximize the energy efficiency of their windows. For example:

Multiple Glass Panes

Multiple panes of glass provide greater protection from energy loss. High efficiency windows will have anywhere from 2 (double glazed) to 3 (triple glazed) panes of glass.

Low E Coatings

Elite Low-E glass features a special coating on the window pane that reduces heat transfer, preventing heat from entering a home in warm climates or from leaving a home in cooler climates. Windows that feature Elite Low-E coatings are far more efficient at reducing heat loss than non-coated windows.

Gas Filled Window Panes

Both noise reduction and thermal insulation can be greatly improved by filling the cavities between the glass panes with a low conductance gas like argon or krypton. These gasses also offer significantly better thermal resistance than air, resulting in greater insulation and hugely improved energy efficiency

Composite Doors

Joe Rowley Windows & Doors supply and fit composite doors from the Palladio door collection. These are the most advanced composite door design in the market and are manufactured in Ireland. What sets the Palladio composite doors aside from the rest, is the fact that they use a double rebate which means it is double the seal, preventing any draughts and increase the overall energy efficiency of the home. The composite doors supplied and fitted by Joe Rowley Windows & Doors can achieve a U-Value as low as 0.94 W/m²K.

Joe Rowley Windows & Doors will provide all customers with an energy rating certificate on completion of the job. This can then be used to get your overall BER certificate for your home.

You can get a free quotation for windows and doors from Joe Rowley Windows & Doors by: Emailing:

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