Dangers flagged at Bunnoe Cross

Safety concerns at Bunnoe Cross were highlighted at a recent meeting of Bailieborough Cootehill Municipal District.

Raising the motion, Fine Gael Councillor Carmel Brady explained the line of sight at the junction is blocked by hedges.

“Turning left is fine, but turning right is dangerous,” she claimed. She explained that the man who owns the field, in which the hedge is planted, is happy for the council to remove it and replace it with a “see-through fence”.

“I’ve had a couple of near ones,” revealed Cllr Brady before explaining her niece had been involved in an accident at the junction during which her “car was completely wrote off”.

Acting senior executive engineer, Clinton Mulligan, explained he had attended the junction where he saw the “hedge was completely trimmed back". He agreed to speak to the landowner regarding the potential removal of the hedge.