Stradone quarry extension granted

A local development company has been granted planning permission to extend its rock extraction operation at a local quarry.

P&S Civil Works Ltd has been given the green light in respect of plans to extend rock extraction and associated processing over a near four-hectare area at their quarry located at Mullymagowan Townland, Stradone. The proposed extension is an area of circa 4.9 hectares marked out previously in a similarly successful 2017 application. P&S intends to extract rock from the area by conventional drill and blast methods at a rate of up to a maximum 250,000 per annum to a depth of 110 metres.

Covering the townlands of Mullygowan, Drummuck and Tirlahood Lower, the new plans are “almost identical” to the previous planning application, albeit with a “slightly reduced annual extraction output and an increase in the proposed operation development life from 10 to 15 years”.

The previously approved rate was for 290,000 tonnes per annum, but this development “never commenced”, according to P&S’ latest application, who set about looking for 15 years to allow the previously permitted extraction be completed, plus a further two years for restoration works.

“The development proposed seeks to utilise existing ancillary buildings and facilities including weighbridge, wheelwash, portacabin office/canteen/toilet, waste water treatment system, processing plant, site entrance and all other associated site works, and ancillary activities,” said the application.

Final restoration will involved returning the “worked out quarry” to a permanent water body and a “naturally regenerated wildlife habitat”.

An Environmental Impact Assessment Report (EIAR) and Natura Impact Statement (NIS) have been submitted in respect of the planning application, along with significant further information and revised plans.

During the application process submissions were made by Peter Sweetman and from a neighbour - Colm Rudden of Tierlahood, Stradone.

Representations were also made on the planning file by An Taisce and Inland Fisheries Ireland. An engineer’s assessment of the proposed development noted that the central part of the quarry extension area has been in use for stockpiling aggregate materials, in agreement with Cavan County Council.

The material is “predominantly” used in road infrastructure projects.

A pre-planning meeting with the council took place in August 2022 when the views of the planning authority’s representatives were taken into account during the finalisation of the application.

Permission was granted with a total of 28 conditions attached, including the payment of a development contribution, which requires that €122,136 be paid in respect of a 2007 application; and that similar contributions of €109,557, €5,285, €420; and €2,500 be paid in respect of 2007, 2008, 2006, and 1998 files.