Cllr Paddy McDonald, Sinn Féin.

The burning issues for Local Elections ’24

Paddy McDonald Sinn Féin


Sinn Féin

Why are you running for local public office?

I have been a councillor for the past 19 years working for my community and would like to continue on, if elected, in June ‘24.

What are the main issues in your area?

The main issues in my area include the poor state of our roads and the lack of social and affordable housing. We need more Local Link bus services in rural areas.

How would you like to see policing transformed in your area?

We need to get more gardaí out on the beat and mixing with the people.

How will you use the full range of your municipal district resources to increase access to affordable housing?

Unfortunately, the municipal districts don’t have a budget for affordable housing as it is controlled by the county council.

Have you or your party a long-term solution to providing proper and effective road infrastructure in the county?

What we need to improve our roads infrastructure is more funding from central Government because we have a lot of different farming and agriculture in our county.

Have you or the party any thoughts on how your community can be protected from far-right ideology?

There are some small far right groups springing up in our communities and we need to sit down, speak with them and listen to their views. If you look around the world, the Far Right is getting stronger and this can be dangerous going forward for the world.