Una Ring speaks openly about her harrowing experience of being stalked.

A window into lasting impacts of stalking

Alan Bradley’s new documentary will shine a light on the devastating impact of stalking in Ireland. Stalked charts the journey of the trailblazing women who brought about a seismic change in Irish law to finally make stalking a crime in this country. Through gripping first-hand accounts, the film paints a raw and unfiltered picture of the psychological and emotional toll endured by those who have faced relentless stalking.

Reports to Gardaí of stalking have more than doubled in recent years.

Featuring insights from Minister for Justice Helen McEntee and leading psychologist Dr Ronan McIvor this compelling documentary delves into the haunting world of stalking, bringing to light the deeply personal stories of survivors Eve McDowell, Una Ring, and Jarlath Rice.

Eve McDowell was stalked when studying in first year at University of Galway culminating in a terrifying break-in with a hammer. Picking up with Eve as her stalker is released from prison, and she faces a precarious future we come to understand the long-lasting, overwhelming fear and isolation stalking inflicts on its victims.

Una Ring shares the harrowing ordeal she experienced at the hands of a former work colleague. Spray painting her windows and car tires and leaving threatening notes at her door, the attacker was finally arrested when attempting to break into Una’s home armed with, amongst other things a rope, crow bar, and duct tape. Una reflects on her future as she prepares for his imminent release from prison.

International research suggests up to one in six men experience stalking in their life time. Through Jarlath Rice’s horrifying story we come to realise the debilitating impact stalking has on a victim’s life. Following a short fling, Dublin native Jarlath was relentlessly stalked by a woman for a decade, pushing him to the brink of suicide. Jarlath fled Ireland only to be followed by the stalker who was finally arrested by an armed response unit in Brighton.

The lack of stalking specific legislation in Ireland deeply affected all three contributors. Eve McDowell and Una Ring, survivors turned activists, courageously championed the urgent need for stalking-specific legislation to protect victims. With stalking specific legislation finally coming into effect in November 2023, their tireless efforts and commitment to change have become a beacon of hope for countless others who have experienced the horrors of stalking, paving the way for a brighter future where victims can access the help and protection they so desperately need.

Award winning filmmaker Alan Bradley had his documentary ‘A Young Traveller Lost’, which focussed on the alarmingly high suicide rates within the Irish Traveller community screened on RTÉ One last November. His other directing work saw him make the hit documentary ‘Seán’, exploring the life of the legendary GAA manager Seán Boylan and also ‘Unspoken’, a landmark documentary exploring the hidden issue of men living with eating disorders in Ireland.

Stalked airs on Virgin Media One on Monday, February 12 at 9pm.