Non native fish discovered on Cavan Leitrim border

The fish appears to be a Pacu and was found last Sunday

A dead non-native fish has been discovered by an angler at Garadice lake on the Cavan Leitrim border.

The discovery, which appears to be a Pacu was made on Sunday, February 18, and is subject to analysis by Inland Fisheries Ireland (IFI) to verify its identity.

“The fish, approximately 2kg in weight, is now in refrigeration at an IFI base, and research staff from IFI will be examining the remains,” a spokesperson said.

“No definite details are available yet regarding the origins of the fish, and how it came to be at Garadice lake, but it may have been released there from a private source.

"Only one deceased Pacu fish specimen was found, not a population - and IFI will monitor the lake further to inspect the waterbody.

“IFI carried out a fish stock survey on Garadice lake in 2023, and no specimens of Pacu, or similar species, were recorded during that survey.”