Check out our bumper crossword by our mystery compiler Arahoden. As usual, you can expect some Cavan twists. Print it out, complete it and enter our competition to win lunch for two in the Cavan Crystal Hotel, not to mention a coveted Anglo-Celt pen (details below).


1. Cavan town thoroughfare reproduced high IDA folder (9,4)

10. Irish elbow for traditional musical pipes (7)

11. Flows through 8 down (7)

12. Company emblem found in St. Angelo good (4)

13. Having weapons both sides of Arva claimed (5)

15. Sounds like this fruit is not pretty (4)

17. Eircom rebranded (3)

19. Put in more bullets to change Laredo (6)

21. Mud returned twice for expanding bullet (6)

22. Location for St Mary's Church in Ballintemple (7)

23. Family craft business in Arva (6)

25. Cavan's second highest point (6)

27. Insect absent without BSE (3)

29. Not busy in Cloncovid legitimately (4)

30. Blackwater bridge at New Inns (5)

31. Brother of Cain and Abel (4)

34. Italian potato dumplings (7)

35. Detractor for a device on the front door (7)

36. Refreshing place in 8 down (10,3)


2. Prohibited by law and concealed by Cootehill egalitarian (7)

3. Cranium discovered behind Corleck (4)

4. Disregard different region (6)

5. Front runner for Longford newspaper (6)

6. Military status waiting place for taxis (4)

7. Claimed without proof led Gael astray (7)

8. Manservant's river crossing a picturesque village (13)

9. Danced with the stars last year (5,8)

14. Romeo leaves commissioner at a pub in Kilcogy (7)

16. Kingscourt river (5)

18. Caveat Emptor - let the _____ beware. (5)

20. Not wet when it leaves dirty (3)

21. Short debutante (3)

24. Central National School for the Diocese (7)

26. Trespass to commit a theft (5-2)

27. Requesting a king’s reproduction (6)

28. Lough at Shercock could be a sewer (6)

32. Mark for life (4)

33. Tullyco magic conceals a state of unconsciousness (4)

To enter: Print out the crossword, complete it and post your entry to The Anglo-Celt, Crossword Competition, Kilmore Business Park, Dublin Road, Cavan, to be in with a chance of winning one of our coveted Anglo-Celt pens and for the glory, of course.

There's also a two-course lunch for the Atrium Bar in the Cavan Crystal Hotel up for grabs!

Please remember to put the volume number of your entry on the outside of your submission.