Director Dr Niall McVeigh with student ambassadors at Cavan Institute’s Open Day.

Open Day showcases course options at Cavan Institute

Cavan Institute’s Open Day drew an impressive crowd of over 1,000 visitors, showcasing a strong interest in Tertiary Degree programmes and pathways to university education.

The event held on the Institute’s Cathedral Road campus and at the newly opened Dublin Road campus, offered attendees a unique opportunity to explore the Institute’s diverse range of courses and learn about potential progression routes to prestigious universities in Ireland, the UK, and Europe.

A standout feature of the Open Day was the significant interest among visitors in Tertiary Degree programmes. These programmes allow students to begin their degree journey at Cavan Institute before seamlessly transitioning to a university to complete their programme. Many students expressed enthusiasm for this pathway, recognising it as a valuable opportunity to gain foundational knowledge and experience before embarking on a full four-year degree.

“We were delighted to see the interest among our visitors in tertiary degree opportunities”, said Dr Niall McVeigh, Director of Cavan Institute. “Tertiary degrees provide a solid foundation for students to kickstart their degree journey and then smoothly transition to a university setting. This “two-step” approach not only offers a cost-effective alternative but also allows students to make informed decisions about future career paths.”

In addition to the appeal of Tertiary Degree programmes, many attendees highlighted Cavan Institute’s role as a “taster” for those considering a four-year degree programme. Recognising the committing to a full four-year programme can be daunting and expensive, students see Cavan Institute as a valuable stepping stone. Here, they can explore their interests, gain practical skills, and make more informed decisions about their academic and career paths.

“At Cavan Institute, we understand the importance of providing flexible pathways for our students”, Dr Niall McVeigh added. “Many students appreciate the opportunity to try out different fields of study before committing to a full degree. Our range of courses, from QQI accredited programmes, Tertiary Degrees, Apprenticeships and Traineeships, allows students to tailor their education to their interests and needs.”

The Open Day also featured a wealth of activities, including tours of the state-of-the-art facilities, meet and greet with tutors and student ambassadors, information sessions, taster workshops and laboratory visits. Attendees were able to explore a diverse array of course areas, from Teaching, Law, and Accounting to Science, Nursing, Pharmacy, Computing, Psychology, Engineering, Hairdressing, Beauty Therapy, and more.

For students eager to enter the workforce sooner, Cavan Institute showcased Pre-Apprenticeship courses in Carpentry and Joinery, Building Construction, Hairdressing and Commis Chef offering a stepping stone for learners to progress into existing apprenticeships.

For more information about Cavan Institute’s Tertiary Degree programmes, course offerings, and upcoming events, visit or contact Cavan Institute on 049-4332633.