Revised plans for Cootehill residential development

GSL Residential Bridge Street Limited has submitted significant further information and revised plans in relation to a current planning application for residential development works at numbers 35, 37, 41, 43 and 45 on Bridge Street in Cootehill.

All works are in conjunction with previously approved developments. Number 41 Bridge Street is listed as a protected structure in the current Cavan County Development Plan.

The total number of new residential units will be 18, comprising three duplex, one-bedroom, terraced dwellings, three duplex, two-bedroom terraced dwellings, and 12 two-bedroom, single-storey, detached dwellings.

The updated plans include minor alterations to elevations and internal fit-out works. It also proposes to demolish and rebuild a single storey extension to the rear of one of the properties; the demolition of an end terrace building at 37 Bridge Street to facilitate vehicular site access; and the reinstatement of arched alleyway access to 45 Bridge Street for use as pedestrian access only.

The new plans also include a revised and expanded layout at the backlands of the proposed residential development.