Minister Humphreys nominates Simon Harris for Taoiseach

'Wanting to help others, breaking down barriers amd making life better for people drives Simon Harris'

Minister Heather Humphreys spoke from the heart during nomination speeches to elect Simon Harris as Taoiseach in the Dáil this afternoon. She said she had gotten to know the Minister very well over the last 13 years and it was a “great honour” for her to propose him for An Taoiseach.

“Contrary to popular belief, Simon didn’t always want to be a politician,” she continued, before adding that when he was younger, he actually wanted to be a vet. Of course, life as we all know can take us in different directions.

"Only yesterday evening, I was at a meeting in Monaghan along with Minister Rabbitte, Deputies Niamh and Brendan Smith and Senator Robbie Gallagher, where we heard stories of the difficulties being faced by the parents of children with Autism.

“It’s certainly not lost on me that I’m standing here today nominating somebody to be Taoiseach who, because of their own life experience, was first inspired to get involved in politics to help people with autism and their families.

“It’s that sense of simply wanting to help; of breaking down barriers; and making life better for people that drives Simon Harris.”

Minister Humphreys then went on to point to the new Taoiseach’s leadership skills. “I know under his leadership we are going to see a major focus on improving supports for people with disabilities and that is something I very much welcome,” she added.

“I have served alongside Simon in three different Cabinets and witnessed first-hand the qualities and strengths that I know he will bring to the office of An Taoiseach. He is somebody who listens and works with people. He is always willing to take on new ideas. He has endless amounts of energy. He is someone who cares deeply about improving services for families, for delivering opportunities for our young people.

"And creating the kind of society that we all want to live in. In our country’s darkest hours during the pandemic Simon Harris displayed real leadership. He made the difficult decisions. And those decisions saved lives."