Cavan General's emergency department in 'escalation' for second time in a week

ED still providing full emergency care if required

For the second time in a week Cavan General Hospital has declared its Emergency Department is in 'escalation'.

A memo issued by the hospital manager warned of delays for patients as the ED is "experiencing significantly high levels of activity" and is "in escalation".

They emphasise that they are still providing "full emergency care if it is required".

A similar memo was issued on Wednesday of this week.

The statement in full reads: "Please be advised our Emergency Department is currently experiencing significantly high levels of activity and is in Escalation.

There are high numbers of patient presentations to the Emergency Department. All patients should be advised of significant delays and limited bed capacity at present.

If any alternatives to an Emergency Department referral are available these should be explored as a priority.

We are still providing full emergency care if it is required.

Thank you for your support."