Virginia Men’s Shed members at the ‘Free Derry Corner’ in the Bogside during their recent tour of the city.

Virginia’s Men’s Shed enjoy tour to the ‘town I loved so well’

On Wednesday, March 27 members of Virginia Men’s Shed made a trip to Derry arriving at a 11am for their tour of the Guild Hall.

The trip comprised many highlights including observations of the famous stained-glass windows; the Council chamber; and John Hume’s three Peace prizes including the Nobel. The cherry on the top was being treated to Noel Brennan’s rendition of ‘The Town I Loved so Well’ on the giant pipe organ which brought great delight to members and the staff of the Guild Hall.

Following a substantial lunch which fortified the Men’s Shed members, it was preparation time for a guided tour of the old city walls which gave a fascinating insight into the earlier history of Derry. This was followed by a walking tour of the Bogside with its murals portraying Derry’s troubled past. It was a very enjoyable day out and everyone in Virginia Men’s Shed is very grateful to Gerry Hopkins - trip organiser.