Volunteers needed for Cavan Arts fest

Festival takes place Thursday 16th – Sunday 19th May 2024 at various locations across Cavan Town.

The Cavan Arts Festival 2024 promises to be a vibrant celebration of creativity and community spirit. However, to ensure its success, the festival relies heavily on the support of volunteers. These individuals play a crucial role in various aspects of the event, from setup to clean-up, and their contributions are invaluable.

The festival kicks off on Thursday, May 16, with the Professor Plunger family show in the town hall at 10am, followed by an evening show, Stickman by Darragh McLoughlin at 8pm, also in the town hall, as well a paint club event at Luso Restaurant at the same time.

Throughout the weekend, there will be activities in the park, including setup starting at 10am on Friday, where volunteers with creative flair or practical skills are particularly welcome to help with tasks such as assembling the big tent, hanging bunting, and adding decorative touches to the park.

Saturday and Sunday are full days in the park from 10am to 5pm, offering opportunities for volunteers to assist with various activities and ensure everything runs smoothly.

Additionally, there are evening shows scheduled for Saturday at 8pm in the town hall and Sunday at 7:30pm in the park, providing further chances for volunteers to get involved.

As the festival draws to a close on Monday, May 20, volunteers will be needed for the park clean-up, which typically only takes a couple of hours but is crucial for leaving the space as they found it.

To streamline volunteer efforts, a schedule will be set up to coordinate with the timing of shows, ensuring that groups of volunteers arrive 30 minutes before or after each event to assist with specific tasks or transitions.

Whether it's helping with setup, assisting during activities, or participating in clean-up efforts, volunteers play a vital role in bringing the festival to life.

For more details visit https://cavanartsfestival.ie/.

To volunteer contact Léan on 0860784916 or by email at leanabelle@hotmail.com.