Strawberry Smoothie Bowl

- Recipe by Bord Bia -

Perfect for breakfast or brunch, this healthy and delicious strawberry smoothie bowl recipe will become one of your summer staples!

It takes just five minutes to prepare.


(Serves 2)

250g fresh strawberries

200ml milk

1½ bananas

1 tsp vanilla essence

1 tbsp almonds

1 tbsp coconut flakes

1 tbsp pumpkin seeds


Chop 200g of fresh strawberries and one banana and leave in the freezer until frozen.

In a high-powered blender, add the frozen strawberries, frozen banana, vanilla essence, and milk. Blend the ingredients on the high setting until smooth.

When blended and smooth, transfer the mixture to a serving bowl.

Top the smoothie bowl mixture with 50g of fresh strawberries sliced, ½ banana, almonds, coconut flakes and pumpkin seeds.

Feel free to add other toppings of choice like chia seeds, granola, etc.