Cavan Monaghan roads 'an accident waiting to happen'

Sinn Féin MEP candidate Michelle Gildernew says state of local roads a safety issue.

Sinn Féin MEP candidate for the Midlands North West constituency, Michelle Gildernew has hit out at the condition of local and rural roads in Cavan and Monaghan which she added are “putting the safety of motorists in jeopardy”.

“Having been out canvassing across the constituency in recent weeks, I couldn’t help but notice the huge issue many communities are having with the general upkeep and maintenance of regional roads,” she continued before adding that there appears to be a pattern of poorly maintained roads right across the constituency.

“Some of the roads in Cavan and Monaghan are nearing the point of being completely unsafe and the lack of maintenance is putting motorists in jeopardy from a safety point of view,” Ms Gildernew continued. “It’s clear that while local authorities have improvement schemes in place, a wider regionalised strategy is required to bring regional roads up to a safe standard.

“Many of them are being left in a state of dereliction, are accidents waiting to happen, and we shouldn’t have to wait for accidents to be a catalyst for addressing this issue at a more regional level.”