James Spring, REA Donohoe Spring.

A bidding war for first-time buyers in Cavan

In business for the past 57 years, REA Donohoe Spring have a reputation for providing help in a difficult housing market.

James Spring, who runs the company in partnership with his wife Olivia Donohoe, sympathised with young couples and first-time buyers in today’s market.

Based in Ballyconnell with a sub-office in Carrigallen, REA Donohoe Spring sees a “whole range of activity” across the county with cheaper property and less demand in the west and “much, much higher demand” in the east and Cavan Town.

“Every town and village in the county needs some sort of development,” Mr Spring said, adding that rental properties need to “free up” with some going “beyond the realms of affordability".

“When you hear about it in Dublin, you think 'yeah it’s the capital of the country' but, when you hear about it in Cavan, it raises your eyebrows.”

REA Donohoe Spring operate on a “no sale no fee basis” and provide rental and letting services, land and commercial sales, advice and consultations, free sales or rental appraisals, and free valuations to clients.

“We cover the whole board,” said Mr Spring, adding that they provide “very competitive rates".

“I think we provide excellent service,” he said.

Commenting on the market at the moment, the auctioneer said first-time buyers are “struggling to find accommodation to buy and to rent".

“They’re quite jaded,” James observed.

“They’re frustrated with the process, they’re getting into bidding wars with everything they go after,” he reported.

He said this is most common in bigger urban centres such as Cavan Town.

“Their natural reaction is that they’re going to miss out on the property, that someone is going to come along and outbid them.”

Mr Spring added: “What it all boils down to is that we need more houses.”

While he believes the Vacant Property Refurbishment grant is helping the process, he said the system needs to be “loosened up a little bit".

“A big hindrance for it is that, you need to have the money to get the money.”

He suggested that payments be staged to make it “more feasible” for people who do not have the funds to restore a property.

“I think you’ll see a much bigger uptake then.

“It feels like there are a lot of obstacles in the way of young people and first time buyers,” continued Mr Spring.

In terms of valuing properties fairly and guide prices, the auctioneer says they try to be as accurate as possible. He further explained that a lot of properties are being put on the market at “very very attractive levels” but, in reality, those properties will be bid up in price.

“The property market, it feels like a bit of a battlefield on all fronts,” he said.

REA Donohoe Spring strive to get the best for everybody involved adding that they aim to “make life as easy as possible for everybody involved".

To get in touch the REA Donohoe Spring call 049-952 7560 or by email at enquiries@readonohoespring.ie

More information can be found on their website:

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