Cllr Clifford Kelly

Clifford's done it again!

Bailieborough Cootehill Electoral Area

Veteran Fianna Fáil councillor said he is delighted to have been entrusted by the people of Kingscourt to see through the major redevelopment of key parts of his hometown.

He has served 33 years on Cavan County Council, and he's "excited" to take on new challenges in the coming five year term.

"I'm very proud of the vote in Kingscourt town - that they hadn't lost faith in me. They knew I was a worker, they knew I deliver.

"It gives me know the opportunity to see in place the new library for the town, the new digital and business hub, the new carpark and of course the centre of the town and Market Square are going to be revamped at a cost of €13.7m. I fought for all these things, also it is wonderful they have given me this opportunity to put them in place."

Clifford was eager to pay tribute to his team of canvassers, and paid particular tribute to Frank McDermott of Shercock who had at one stage intended to run and was on the ticket to run for Fianna Fáil but instead gave Clifford huge backing.

"A huge amount of people put in a lot of work for me - I could not have done this on my own. I will be forever grateful."

Sadly Clifford's wife Betty passed away late last year.

"I'm very thankful to my family for the way they looked after me and of course, the sad thing about it is that my wife wasn't here to see it. But she's up there in heaven talking away to the late Brendan Markey who was my previous director of elections, and the late Thomas McCabe who was another director of elections for me.

"They are all up there I think, having a chat and saying: 'He's done it again.'"