Niall Smith celebrates his election to the last seat.

Smith to spark new life into the council

Bailieborough Cootehill Election Area

The final seat won in Bailieborough Cootehill Electoral Area went to a Fianna Fáil newcomer Niall Smith.

"I feel exhausted," said Niall with a smile that's seldom far from his face. "It's great to win a seat back for Fianna Fáil in the Bailieborough area.

"It was a long hard campaign from the day I got the nomination. I had a great team and great support behind me and we canvassed very hard - and it shows in where I am today.

The Bailieborough man has been a lifelong partyy supporter and can trace his heritage with the Soldiers of Destiny back to its inception.

"Paddy Smith was a founding of the Fianna Fáil party and grandfather of the Dáil. He would be delighted up in heaven, and also my father, Sean - who was a very big party activist."

Niall Smith hope is to bring "new energy" to the council, said the electrician.

"I'll help people of the area with their problems and try to solve them for them."