December finish for Killydoon bypass

Work on the Killydoon bypass is on track and expected to be completed by December of this year.

The council and Clare Civil Engineering Ltd signed contracts in February last year the latest phase of the N55 Realignment Scheme.

It involves the main construction works on the 3.7km N55 Corduff to South of Killydoon, Section B Scheme.

Those works were expected to take two years to complete, with a projected delivery cost of €30 million.

The new route involves three single-span bridges over the River Erne, as well as culvert crossings to accommodate existing watercourses, surface and sub‐surface drainage including storm attenuation, petrol interceptors and outfalls.

The new section of road will tie into section A, which was completed in 2018 at Ballytrust.

The scheme will offer a safer route for the approximately 5,000 vehicles that travel the route each day.

Towards the end of last month, May 27, traffic on the N55 was diverted onto the southernmost section of the new N55 Corduff South of Killydoon Section B alignment under traffic management conditions. “Works on this section of the new alignment, which bypasses Killydoon, are not complete and motorists are advised to drive with care and to please take heed of the traffic management that is in place,” explains a spokesperson for Cavan County Council.

They added that the diversion of traffic onto the new alignment is facilitating works associated with the village of Killydoon itself, including the construction of new side road junctions and the provision of traffic calming facilities.

“Overall, works on the 3.7km realignment are progressing well, and the scheme is on programme and expected to be complete by December 2024.”