Honey glazed pork belly with colcannon and apple sauce

- Recipe by Norbert Neylon -


(Makes 6 portions)

2.5kg pork belly

20g honey (for glazing)

For the Colcannon

500g mashed potato

100g finely chopped cabbage

30g finely chopped spring onions

For the sauce

Four Granny Smith apples

40g sugar

40g water


Place the pork belly in a vacuum pack bag and cook at 65 degrees Celsius for 36 hours.

Remove from the oven and press the pork belly overnight in the fridge between two trays to get an even shape.

Once the pork is cold remove from the fridge, square off the pork by trimming around the sides. Then cut into thick slices approximately 4cm.

Pan fry the pork belly until golden brown on both sides, then brush with honey and place in a hot oven 200 degrees Celsius for five minutes. This will help to render the fat.

Make the colcannon by frying some cabbage and spring onions and adding it to mashed potato.

For the apple sauce, peel and core the apples. Cut into small pieces and boil with the sugar and water. Once the apple is soft, blend to a smooth consistency.

Now serve your pork belly with the colcannon and apple sauce.



Norbert Neylon is the chef proprietor of The Oak Room Restaurant in Cavan since 2001. The Oak Room moved to a new purpose-built building in May of 2017 on Bridge Street in Cavan Town. Norbert is currently the chairman of Created in Cavan, a network of food producers, farmers, cafés, restaurants and hotels in the Cavan region. He is passionate about promoting local food and cooking with local ingredients.


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