Neven's back on his Spanish Food Trails!

Thursday, 6th September, 2018 4:25pm

Neven's back on his Spanish Food Trails!

Neven Maguire enjoying traditional Churros in Granada.

A new series of Neven's Spanish Food Trails with celebrity chef Neven Maguire returns to our screens.

Neven Maguire, of award-winnig MacNean House & Bistro in Blacklion, returns to Spain, and this time the popular chef is in Andalusia, a region in the south west of Spain, that is larger than the island of Ireland, and very popular with Irish people. As befits such a large and diverse area, the food varies greatly within Andalusia, from the ‘Tropical Coast’ to the cities of Granada, Cordoba and Seville and the wooded and mountainous Huelva region. 
In this brand new six-part series, Neven tries a huge range of local produce, from grilled sardines, molasses and churros to tuna heart, sherry, Iberico ham, Seville orange marmalade and Cordoba’s famous tomato soup. Neven also cooks a dish every week, inspired by the food he has discovered in each location.

Programme two Granada will air on RTE One on Tuesday, September 18, at 8:30pm.
In this episode, Neven visits Granada and starts the day the traditional way with Churros – deep fried batter served with thick hot chocolate.  Most visitors go to the Alhambra but Neven visits the tombs of King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella, the monarchs who united Spain and ended Moorish rule in Granada.  
Cold filtered coffee, cakes dedicated to a Pope, and a tapas tour of the city are all on the menu.  Every Spanish city claims to have its own unique form of tapas, and Granada’s claim is that it serves free tapas – a claim which turns out to be true.

Neven's Spanish Food Trails is produced and directed by David Hare for InproductionTV and is sponsored by FLOGAS.

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