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'We are not giving up' - puppy farm protestors

Tuesday, 28th November, 2017 2:38pm

'We are not giving up' - puppy farm protestors

Eamonn Mulvaney, who performs as a country singer under the stage name Eamonn Jackson, previously claimed he received death threats due to the family’s dog breeding business..JPG

Thomas Lyons

A dog breeding establishment at Kilduff, Redhills, has been granted retention permission to continue operations but objectors have vowed that they will not give up and will explore every avenue to further challenge the decision.

On Monday, An Bord Pleanála upheld a decision made earlier this year by the local authority that the business should be allowed to continue.

Edward Mulvaney was granted planning permission by Cavan County Council last May to retain “existing buildings, building A & B [identified in submitted plans] and covered shelter and change of use from existing farm buildings, building C & D for dog breeding, exercise yards, play zone and associated works” at the address.

The application was the subject of a number of submissions and objections when it went through the local authority’s planning process. The decision was appealed to An Bord Pleanála by Michelle Strauss and others, C/O Sue Kilbracken of Killegar, Carrigallen, County Leitrim.

In reaching its decision, An Bord Pleanála noted that the development proposed for retention is “in an unzoned rural area where the predominant land use is agriculture”. It went on to say that the Cavan County Development Plan aims to “encourage and facilitate agricultural diversification into agri-businesses including pet-farms”.

It said: “The proposed development and the development proposed for retention would, therefore, be in accordance with the proper planning and sustainable development of the area.”

The planning authority stipulated 10 conditions to be adhered to. They include that the number of dogs, including pups, does not exceed 180 and that a register of all dogs is maintained and available for inspection. This is an increase from Cavan County Council’s recommendation of 171 dogs.

The Bord also insists that all dogs have to be housed indoors between the hours of 8pm and 7am every day. Other conditions relate to the treatment of animal waste, water supply, noise levels, odour monitoring and effluent.

The final condition is that the developer make a financial contribution to the planning authority in respect of public infrastructure. Cavan County Council had identified a development contribution of €27,630.

Eamonn Mulvaney, who performs as a country singer under the stage name Eamonn Jackson, previously claimed he received death threats due to the family’s dog breeding business.

The enterprise became embroiled in the dog breeding controversy following a Panorama documentary on the dog breeding business. The Mulvaney operation was not featured in the BBC broadcast.

In an online video statement, which showed footage of content dogs kept in clean conditions, Mr Mulvaney insisted that his premises is “regulated, run correctly and legally”. He said: “I have never mistreated animals and I’m deeply conscious of the welfare of my dogs. There have never been any dog welfare issues on my premises, as stated in the reports. Any improvement notices that have been issued have been completed.”



The group organised to object to the permission, Pets Not Profit, posted a reaction to the decision on their Facebook page.

They said: ‘We are all incredibly disappointed by the decision of An Bord Pleánala. But - and this is a massive but - we are not giving up. At no point will events like this stop us. So in the coming weeks, we are going to explore every single avenue open to us to fight this decision.’

They continued by saying: ‘We don’t need any special talents to beat this... What we need is perseverance. And your help. So - we want to send a message out to all of you not give up either! And mostly a message to the puppy farmers - we aren’t going anywhere.’

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