Cavan 'Clean to European Norms' says IBAL

Monday, 15th October, 2018 11:26am

Cavan 'Clean to European Norms' says IBAL

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Cavan Town is “Clean to European Norms” according to the most recent IBAL litter league rankings.

A past winner of the league, Cavan retained its status, now in 18th spot.

Published today, 77% of towns and cities were found to be clean. None was deemed a litter blackspot, but five were ‘littered’ or ‘seriously littered’ and scored worse than last year.

The latest survey found that while Ireland’s towns and city centres are clean, disadvantaged areas of our cities are suffering increasing levels of litter.

The report for Cavan stated that the approach routes in Cavan were top ranking, creating a “positive first impression” of the County Town. “These roads set the tone for what was a very well presented and maintained town environment.”

Several “top ranking sites”, adjudicators felt deserved special mention. They include Con Smith Park, described as “a lovely facility”, the River Walk and the Main Street. These, IBAL judges said in their report, were “very well presented and maintained”.

The only “poor” sites within Cavan Town IBAL says were the two ‘Bring Banks’ – at the Multi Storey Car Park and the Clothing Bank at Aldi. Clearly, they state, there is “room for improvement in terms of maintenance and cleaning at both.”

Monaghan Town meanwhile climbed a full 13 places to ninth in the ranking of 40 towns and cities and is now deemed “Cleaner than European Norms”.

An Taisce assessed litter levels over the summer months on behalf of IBAL.

“We have seen a worsening of litter levels in economically disadvantaged areas, which dominate the lower placings of our rankings,” says Conor Horgan of IBAL. “What is often lacking in these areas is a sense of ‘pride in place’, which in turn reflects an absence of real community. In the frenzy to address our housing shortage, we must be mindful of the need to build communities along with houses. Mixed housing is the long-term solution to our urban litter problem.”


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