Ireland to escape ravages of Siberian cold

Wednesday, 9th January, 2019 11:47am

Ireland to escape ravages of Siberian cold

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The sub zero temperatures expected to hit our island neighbours in the UK are not anticipated to have any impact on Ireland.

The “Siberian snowbomb” predicted to bring snow to the other side of the Irish Sea next week should not impact on this country.

Met Éireann say the national forecast is for the current dry conditions to prevail with no extreme cold weather, frost or heavy rain expected.

Today will be mostly dull with patchy rain or drizzle. Top temperatures of 5 to 10 degrees, coolest in the east with just light variable breezes.

Tonight will be cloudy and misty and dry with just patchy light rain or drizzle. Lowest temperatures will be around 5 to 9 degrees. Winds will be light variable or calm with fog developing.

Tomorrow, Thursday will continue misty and cloudy with just a few spots of rain or drizzle. Top temperatures 8 to 10 degrees in a light northwesterly breeze.


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