Locals fear accident just around the bend

Story by Seamus Enright

Wednesday, 10th April, 2019 3:09pm

Locals fear accident just around the bend

The dangerous bend in the Greaghitta Road at Tunnyduff near Bailieborough where locals fear an accident could occur.

A local community is calling on the council to urgently address serious safety concerns over a stretch of roadway consisting of a “difficult” bend shuttered by a significant drop either side.
Fears of an accident are heightened when the ditches bordering the Greaghitta Road at Tunnyduff fill with water and flood the road.
As a result, locals are calling for measures such as a barrier, chevrons or even signage signalling the potential danger for drivers and road users.
Mum-of-three Hannah Tormey, who had a “near miss” recently, told The Anglo-Celt that the tight bend at the bottom of a hill is precarious even for locals to negotiate.

“There is this absolute drop either side. I don't know what it is about this part of the road but, with any kind of rain, it makes the surface very slippy. It’s for older residents, people who don't know the road coming to funerals in the area, there are no signs to say danger ahead. Something needs to be done.”
She adds: “I can see a serious accident taking place there.”

Hannah's neighbour Sammy Carlin agrees. He recalls the tragic loss of two lives when a vehicle entered the Carrowniskey River in Co Mayo last Christmas.
“When the river is up, there is no nothing to stop you from going into it. When the road floods, the whole road and all the fields around it fill up and, if you didn't know the road, you'd barely know it was there. There are parts of the road you wouldn't see at all,” he says.
Cavan-Monaghan Fianna Fail TD Niamh Smyth has recently taken up the cause on behalf of locals.
She is supporting recent calls by the elected members of Cavan County Council for a sit-down meeting with the Department of Transport and Minister Shane Ross for a chance to make a case for additional funding for roads given the county’s proximity to the Border ahead of Brexit.
“No region deserves, or is in need of it more,” said Deputy Smyth. She says of the Greaghitta Road predicament: “It’s the geography and the topography of the county we live in. It’s because of this that safety measures are so important, as is the case with this particular road. It’s a busy road, used by a lot of traffic, school buses, and milk lorries as well.
“There are also a lot of young families in the area, with young children who travel the road on a daily basis and who are all only too well aware of how difficult this piece of roadway can be to navigate. We can't wait for another accident or near accident. Something must and should be done now,” concluded Deputy Smyth.

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