Keogan steps down after winning double

Thursday, 8th November, 2018 4:27pm

Keogan steps down after winning double

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Damien Donohoe

Castlerahan will be hunting for a new manager for 2019 as Donal Keogan has said he’ll be stepping down after his second year at the helm in which he guided the club to unprecedented success. Having lost the county final in 2017 Keogan returned for a second attempt in 2018 and got over the line while also picking up the division one league crown.

In the aftermath of their exit from the Ulster Club Championship, at the hands of Eoghan Rua the Castlerahan manager’s disappointment was clear: “We’ll reflect on that first half and we really didn’t turn up. We were still in the party mode and then we lost two players in the first half and we were down to 14 men. At half-time it was either pack the bags up or come out and give it a real rattle. In fairness to the boys they showed real character when we took it back to a point. We had four or five chances (in that period) and we didn’t take them! Sitting back in a couple of months’ time we’ll rue the missed opportunities.”
Were Castlerahan contented having won the Cavan championship?
The former Cavan manager stated: “It was their first one and you have to let lads enjoy themselves but I suppose I was disappointed maybe that we weren’t back training last weekend on Friday and Sunday. Obviously lads had holidays booked to go away with partners and girlfriends and they’ve put their lives on hold too so we let them have a bit of leeway and it is the first time in the history of the club [to win a senior championship] and they can never do that again.”
Considering the quality of his squad, including 11 who have represented Cavan, Keogan said he was “disappointed” to not get a result.
“As I said your preparation is your performance and I wouldn’t have been happy with the way we prepared but that’s life. Please God they get back next year and have another crack at it.”
When asked if he would be back for another year, the Cavan town business man told The Anglo-Celt: “No I think I’ve had my time. It’s time for me to move on but wish them good luck, the players are there to win one or two more championships in Castlerahan.”

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