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Quinn Sr condemns attacks but questions accuracy of Aventas statement

Tuesday, 7th January, 2014 5:03pm

Quinn Sr condemns attacks but questions accuracy of Aventas statement

Ballyconnell businessman Sean Quinn Sr has denounced the recent attacks on his former company property, however he also raised questions as to the reliability of information put out there by the Aventas Group.

Mr Quinn was speaking in the wake Tuesday morning's bus burning outside Aventas Group property in Ballyconnell.

Aventas Group issued a statement outlining details from the incident and included a call for the Cavan-Fermanagh businessman to condemn the incident, Mr Quinn said it remained “unclear” as to what was wanted of him as he has not owned the business since 2002, having transferred it to his family.

“While the statement does not specifically name me, I believe it is none the less important to reiterate that I have already condemned these attacks in the strongest terms, a fact that is widely reported in the national media,” he said.

“Lest there be any doubt, I wish to reiterate in the most categoric terms that I condemn these unlawful acts and that any persons carrying out such acts are not acting in my name,” Mr Quinn added.

Mr Quinn proceeded to explain how he had previously approached the new management to offer both his and his family's assistance to the company in any way.

Mr Quinn described how me met with chairman Mike McTighe in May 2012, and wrote to him and the Group's financiers in February 2013, only to have this offer of assistance turned down.

“None of these offers were accepted which is disappointing,” Mr Quinn stated. He continued by saying he was surprised by Tuesday's statement by the Group.

“Unfortunately, the statement also contains other inaccuracies,” Mr Quinn continued.

“It is indisputable that Anglo Irish Bank orchestrated a covert and underhand takeover of the Quinn Group.

“This action is still the subject of lengthy litigation being taken by my family against Anglo before the Commercial Court. It is further indisputable that Anglo is still a part owner of the Quinn Group.

He concluded by saying: “The Aventas statement is therefore difficult to reconcile with the actual position.”


AVENTAS GROUP company statement:

At approximately 5.20am this morning, a bus was driven across the entrance to the Thermal Insulation and Packaging plants on the Ballyconnell Road. It was then set alight and the perpetrators fled the scene. Thankfully no one was injured in this latest incident and no material damage was caused to our property.

We believe these criminal acts are being carried out in support of an ongoing campaign to disrupt and sabotage the business in the belief that this will result in reinstatement of the former owner of the business. This makes no sense and will not happen. The Aventas Group is owned and controlled by a number of international financial investors. Signs erected locally continually referencing IBRC ownership of the Group and the current executives having been appointed by “Anglo” are incorrect and purposely misleading. To be clear, the former Anglo Irish Bank, now IBRC, has no hand, act or part in the appointment of the management or the running of the business.

We condemn these attacks in the strongest possible terms and as it is our strong belief that these acts are being carried out as a form of support for the former owner, we would call on him to issue an unequivocal statement condemning the most recent acts of sabotage and call on the perpetrators to desist immediately before someone is injured or worse.”

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