Gyroc get planning for new Magheracloone grounds

Gyproc has been granted planning permission to build new playing facilities for Magheracloone GAA.

Monaghan County Council have gave the planning green-light this week for the construction of a new playing pitch Drummond, Derrynaglah & Knocknacran West, Magheracloone.

Permission was granted with a total of six conditions attached.

The application also includes provision for goalposts, ballstops, dugouts, pitch fencing, single storey dressing rooms and toilets, parking area, wastewater treatment system, percolation and attenuation areas, as well as boundary fencing and a new entrance onto R179 public road.

Following the subsidence at the Magheracloone club in Co. Monaghan in September 2018, the former GAA has been unplayable.

The crown hole resulted in the destruction of the pitch and facilities when an abandoned underground area connected to the Gyproc gypsom mine collapsed.

Cracks and crevices emerged after massive amounts of water were pumped into the Drumgossatt mine from the adjacent Drummond mine during a flooding emergency.

The water weakened the old mine structure, causing support pillars to collapse.

Since the September 2018 event a number of other smaller crown holes emerged, the last one in April of this year.

Saint-Gobain Mining Ireland Ltd gave an undertaking to replace the GAA facilities and community centre destroyed in the incident.

Families in five homes were also affected.

The mining company's proposal involved acquire the GAA lands damaged and developing new state-of-the-art facilities in a new location.

The proposal is part of a wider strategic investment in the area by Gyproc in excess of €20m.