O'Reilly says new housing plan builds on FG's groundwork

The Government’s new Housing For All plan has been described as “a significant step forward” in giving people the option to own their own home.

Local Senator Joe O’Reilly says the plan, which was launched yesterday, builds on Fine Gael’s work in the area over recent years.

He says the plan sets out clear targets “and a realistic and sustainable path to delivering on those targets”, with backing of €20 billion over five years to help achieve them.

The Housing For All document aims to see the construction of 33,000 homes a year up to 2030, with Taoiseach Micheál Martin yesterday saying he wants to see the ending of homelessness in Ireland within a decade.

Senator O’Reilly says the plan offers “a holistic approach” to solving the housing crisis by increasing the supply of privately developed homes, while also increasing the number of social and affordable options”.