Three local groups to get up to €20k funding

Three local projects are to receive funding under a Bank of Ireland scheme.

The “Begin Together” fund will see over €800,000 given to groups across the country working on financial literacy and wellbeing, mental health, disability, inclusion and diversity, and social isolation.

Locally, three projects will receive up to €20,000 each.

Liquid Therapy, a Donegal based surf centre is to open “Liquid on the Lake” in Cootehill. It will facilitate wheelchair users between 5 and 65 to experience the physical and therapeutic benefits of getting out onto the water with their families and friends.

SOSAD will expand its online messaging support service to non-English speakers including Latvian, Lithuanian, Russian and Polish people.

Funding is also being given for a new project at the Cavan inpatient Psychiatric Unit. Patients there have spent long periods inside during the pandemic and the project aims to “bring nature inside by creating pieces of art based on nature”.